Phase 2: Bass Guitar

Next member to lock himself up in the studio was Ivan. Following three intense days of drum tracking, it was now time to lay down the bass tracks. 

The pressure was on. Completing the bass tracking for an album in just two sessions was not an easy feat, but our producer Kenny was there to guide me throughout the process, closing off the foundation of the album's groove section. This was achieved using my Fender Elite Jazz Bass, the latest addition to my bass collection. This baby is extremely comfortable and versatile, having 4th generation pick-ups and an active/passive toggle switch, including pick-up blending options, and full frequency tone control. 

The bass was recorded directly through the DI box. Kenny wanted to capture the sound of the bass without coloring it, with its full tonal characteristics, so a basic signal chain was used. Any effects or coloring would then be added in post-production depending on where the song was heading.

The recording process was quite smooth overall, except for consistent reminders by Kenny to "tune up" and to adjust the placement of the plucking hand. Given the speed and tightness required by the style, Kenny was quite adamant in reminding me to keep my plucking hand towards the bridge pick-up, which helped achieve a more defined tone. Initially I was a bit outside my comfort zone, as I'm typically more inclined to play closer to the neck, probably due to the easy switch-up to slap bass. However the resulting sound was worth the extra attention.