The Code of Antics Mini Series - Final Episode

Episode 7 is here, concluding our mini-series for "The Code of Antics". In this episode we talk about our trip to Abbey Road Studios in London, for mastering with the great Geoff Pesche. Stick around till the end for a few words by the man himself!

It has been a great journey and we've loved sharing our story with you. We thank each and every one of our fans and friends who've been so immensely supportive during this adventure. A final heart-felt thanks to Jean Claude Vancell for the amazing work, filming and editing this series! Jean was with us every step of the way, documenting the process and putting up with our antics and tomfoolery. Find him on!

As always we'd also like to thank our sponsors Costa Coffee Malta & Antonio's Barber Shop, and thank Madliena Lodge Restaurant and Lounge & KuYa Asian Pub for their support.

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