Relikc and new beginnings

Hi everyone! We bring news of an exciting future, but first an apology. 

We've been away from social media for a while and have left many of you in the dark. As some of you may know, our singer Keith will be stepping down as Relikc's singer and front-man in order to pursue other endeavors. While he will be around for the rest of the year to help us keep to our commitments, we'll also be working with a new singer, rebuilding our act and gearing up for a supercharged 2020. We thank Keith for being a big part of Relikc's sound and persona and wish him best of luck for his future. 

💥We're thrilled to announce Relikc's new singer Remy Azzopardi who has willingly accepted to take on the challenge. We think you will love Relikc's new sound and energy, as we believe this change in line-up will also signify a new beginning for us. Alongside this, our drummer Lesnich also left the band back earlier in December in order to pursue his career abroad. Whilst not officially announced, Martin Caruana joined the band immediately and really hit the ground running, taking on drumming duties from Lesnich. 

...and there you have it. 2 out of 5 members are new, but the spirit of Relikc remains unchanged. We are the same band that loves to play music for its audiences and whose only goal is to bring people happiness in doing so. We thank Keith and Lesnich for their years of love for Relikc and for all the good times we've shared together, and we wish them both the greatest that life can offer them. 

Last but not least, we thank you, our friends and fans, for your support over the years, and hope to repay you in kind with new music and more antics in the near future! 


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