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Phase 7: Backing Vocals

As we explored and developed our style of funk we found ourselves adding more and more vocals in the songs, either as choral harmonies, or as counterpoint. This is of course characteristic of the styles that funk originated from, i.e. Soul and Gospel.It was only natural that we would include more singers into the project, in order to increase the variety of voices and achieve rich textures in the vocals. 

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Phase 1: Drums

We kicked off the recording process with drums. Prior to the actual recording, Kenny our producer spent a whole day setting up the live room, changing drum skins and positioning microphones.  I really liked this particular combination of drums, as even in the room, they have a great overall balance. Right off the bat, we knew that the drums were going to sound GREAT.

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Debut Album: Recording to begin this week.

You could say that this album is long over-due. The band has been active for almost ten years, and an album has been on our wishlist since the very beginning. Over the years, we've released a number of singles, as well as an EP titled "It's Not Misspelt". For the majority of 2016, we've gigged our hardest, whilst also finding time to write some songs. Following a month of pre-production in collaboration with Kenny D'Ugo from Beehive Productions as our producer, we're ready to kick off the recording phase at Jubox Recording House. As we do with our live acts, we are excited to have a sizable crew of friends and musicians helping us out, and will feature throughout the songs.

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