Push - 360° Music Video

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This video is the result of a collaboration between MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts and Relikc! Watch our 360° Music Video for "Push" off our EP titled "It's Not Misspelt". We had great fun filming this with the team, and special thanks go to Dickens for providing us with all the tech and equipment needed and ITC Ltd.

'It's Not Misspelt' - EP

Released June 2015

The EP 'It's Not Misspelt' has been listed in Relikc's agenda for quite some time. When the EP was originally being written and recorded, the band went through a change in line-up when Robert Spiteri, a long-time friend and drummer for the band, had to forfeit his drumming duties. Robert's drumming contributed to the songs ‘Prime Time’, ‘Push’ and ‘Sharon Kaydee’. The three songs were recorded at Temple Studios, mixed and mastered by David Vella.

Following the split, the band lay low for a while; however this was only until they recruited Lesnich Vassallo who stepped up to take Robert's place in the band. The members found new energy and for the majority of 2014 and 2015, gigged their hardest, re-establishing themselves in the local scene. Relikc has always been mostly known for its fun and energetic performances. This energy is captured in the EP, and the new collaboration with Lesnich brought forth a fourth single titled ‘Reach Out’. The song was written and recorded at Jubox Recording House, produced by Luke Grech and mastered by Daniel Talma.


Sharon Kaydee - 2015

"Sharon Kaydee" is a track included in Relikc's EP 'It's Not Misspelt'. The EP is available for purchase through Relikc's website on: http://www.relikc.com/music This music video is a result of a collaboration between MCAST and Relikc, and was managed by Lydin Cristina, Amy Camilleri, Marco Bartolo and Justin Borg, together with all members of Relikc.


Prime Time - 2014

Prime Time is the first music video to be released from Relikc's EP - "It's Not Misspelt". The video is in the form a lyric video with a backdrop filmed via a GoPro camera attached to Joe's Mazda (R.I.P.). This was a fun video to do as the entire Relikc gang fit in one car and we drove around several parts of the island equipped only with a camera and 50 chicken nuggets. Needless to say we had quite the laugh. The sketches were designed by Ivan, and Joe did the animations and video editing.


Nothin' On My Mind - 2011

nothin on my mind artwork.png